Senior Test Engineer

New York, NY

Technology and Development

The team is seeking a Senior Test Engineer with experience in manual and automated testing, leading testing efforts for large, mission critical projects, and coordinating the testing workload for multiple test engineers. You will champion quality with the group by creating and executing functional tests, assisting product and development with exploratory testing, actively maintain tests and related documentation on new and old functionality.

Your first goal is to understand your team’s processes and your role within it; Understand the current test strategy and find out how to execute when a release is scheduled; Support the team by validating and signing off on functional and bug tickets that goes through development. Due to the nature of our development methodology (Agile), you will be creating and maintaining test scripts every sprint. You will be responsible for test strategy on major projects, and in determining both the role and extent of automated testing for each.

 You Like

  • Designing, planning, documenting and executing tests. Must be re-usable and clear for other team members to follow.
  • Actively maintaining tests based on changes made for each sprint/iteration.
  • Launching new features and acting as a Test lead for projects.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting test infrastructure.
  • Working with Test Engineering and Development teams to lead automation strategy.
  • Using metrics to guide test decisions, to ensure work is properly directed and to gauge test successes.
  • Assessing impact of test strategy on team schedule and scope.
  • Providing high level estimates for user stories within your knowledge area.
  • Mentoring other test engineers to enable their career growth and development of new testing skills

You Have

  • 6+ years experience in a Software Test intensive role. (Test Engineering, Software Test Engineering, QA)
  • Use of any modern Software development tools such as Jira / testRail.
  • Experience testing iOS or Android mobile applications.
  • Experience using network proxy tools such as Charles, Fidler, WireShark.
  • Experience with other Automated web scripting using WebDriver / Selenium.
  • Experience with native mobile UI testing frameworks such as Espresso and XCodeUI.
  • Team leadership experience

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