Manager, Application Security

Nashville, TN

Technology and Development

We are looking for a security first software development expert to join our engineering group to help evolve the current state of security within our applications. The team is responsible for helping inspect current applications, develop remediation efforts, and to help guide our software developers and SREs to write and deploy secure code to ensure our software is free from security vulnerabilities. 

You Like 

  • Working closely with developers, architects and SRE’s to conduct assessments of the current state of the code. 

  • To establish remediation lists/efforts to ensure our software is free of vulnerabilities. 

  • To establish application security quarterly/yearly roadmaps backed by solid metrics

  • To develop application security development best practices to ensure our engineering department meets minimum security requirements. 

  • Conducting code reviews for security flaws

  • Researching and deploying new security tools to help evolve our security practices. 

  • Lead/coordinate application security penetration testing. 

  • Reporting monthly progress against roadmap and goals. 

You Have

  • Solid experience standing up and implementing application scanning solutions such as Tenable Nessus. 

  • Experience identifying and managing cross team work for security and application remediation. 

  • Experience with DAST and SAST Tools

  • Experience with Penetration testing tools. 

  • Extremely strong organizational skills. 

  • Strong understanding of software design patterns (web, mobile), frameworks, and multiple languages. 

  • Strong understanding of CI/CD practices and automation. 

  • 5+ years of experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud providers. 

  • 2+ years of Web/Mobile/Api/Backend Application Security experience

  • 15 years of Software Development experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent


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